Non Woven Products

Sourced from Europe, combined with the use of lightweight yet durable materials, enable us to offer the this unique ecological bag at a competitive price, even rivaling that of PE or paper bags.

Light weight Non Woven bag efffordable pricing

This Non Woven Bag made in Europe weighs less than a typical single-use paper carrier bag and even conventional +50 micron plastic carrier bags. Utilizing  from 50 up to 90% recycled materials, the bag not only conserves raw materials but also offers ease of recycling due to its single mono-material composition, ensuring environmental sustainability throughout its lifecycle. Crafted from a flexible and durable fabric, this bag is designed for longevity rather than single-use. Despite its lightweight feel, rigorous testing proves its ability to consistently carry up to 15 kg of groceries. Plus, cleaning is a breeze with a simple cold wash cycle.


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